Friday, March 28, 2008

Work? You Call This Work?

I’ve been feeling a little guilty about how wonderful my work situation is these days. Just yesterday, I found myself sitting outside in the sun reading about sex all day . . . and getting PAID for it. That’s right, paid for it. Now, before you start to wonder if I’m employed by someone who puts those sketchy ads in newspapers (And who could blame you? I DO live pretty close to “The Valley,” the U.S. epicenter of porn production), let me tell you – I’m doing a developmental edit of a Human Sexuality textbook. All on the up-and-up. [Insert your own corny phallic joke here.] The authors are neat people too. Case in point, this passage from a “Menstrual Health Care” box regarding tips to alleviate cramps in the “Female Sexual Anatomy, Physiology, and Response” chapter – “2. Apply Heat. A Heating pad or hot-water bottle (or, in a pinch, a cat) applied to the abdominal area may help relieve cramps; a warm bath may also help.” I just love that parenthetical. I guess I can now add one more entry to my list of Zoe’s redeeming qualities (Zoe is my cat, for those who may not know).

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