Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"Hysterical" Hillary

I’m sick to death of the hullabaloo over this clip of Hillary Clinton. Could the media be any more collectively misogynistic? Either she’s cold and calculating or “cracking under the pressure,” unable to keep her feminine emotions in check - either an automaton or a “hysterical woman.” Some reporters are even saying she was “crying.” Um, have they watched the actual clip? Choked up, sure, but not crying.

Is it really too much to imagine that she might be passionate, a little tired, . . .human?? Apparently, yes, it is too much to ask because some are even saying she “planned” this as a PR stunt to help her appear more accessible, likable. (Damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t.) I have a novel idea - how about we judge her on her abilities and qualifications? (Now I really am asking too much.)

This cartoon by Tom Toles in the Washington Post (unfortunately) sums it up pretty well. (If you can’t get to the cartoon, you may need to register. Registration is free though.)

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