Monday, September 21, 2009

Meatless Monday: Cucumber Soup

I'm in such denial that the summer is officially coming to a close. Well, I guess you could say I've actually been in perpetual denial since I moved to the west coast . . . but, seriously, even though the weather here will be mild in the fall and winter, there's still something about the carefree days of summer I'll miss - more BBQs, warm weather in other states I like to visit, weddings, vacations, AND light and delicious summer dishes.

One light summer treat we had recently for the first time was the cucumber soup at Il Tramezzino that I mentioned last week. I liked it so much, I immediately started looking for recipes when I got home. I found the following one on and gave it a whirl.

Cucumber Soup

This is so quick and easy to make, but there are a couple of things I would suggest doing to make it even better. First, I would recommend using either an English cucumber (as someone suggests in the 'comments' section of the recipe) or a couple small Persian cucumbers. This is important (!) . . . and I say that from experience. I started out with a regular ol' run-of-the-mill cucumber and that first batch came out yucky because the cucumber had a bitter taste to it. You won't find that with an English or Persian cucumber. Second, I would recommend adding fresh dill to the recipe - both when you blend it and as a garnish. And, third, if the sour cream is a little too much for you, you might consider using a light, plain yogurt (as many other cucumber soup recipes suggest). Fourth, the recipe calls for chicken broth, but you can substitute vegetable broth or water with equally yummy results.

This makes a fantastic side dish for a sandwich or salad lunch. Whip some up for yourself and hold on to the memories of summer just a little bit longer.

Got any favorite vegetarian or vegan recipes?? Please share!

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