Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Follicular-ly Challenged

I found out the hard way that my eyelash curler was broken . . . when it sheared off several of my eyelashes down to the root. (Oh Revlon, you will PAY!) My husband and friends claim they couldn’t tell if I didn’t point it out, but that hasn’t stopped me from feeling like that guy who got really drunk at the frat party and had one of his eyebrows shaved off after he passed out. >>
Except that guy can at least blame someone else for how ridiculous he looks. To compliment this new look, I’m also sporting the most vicious cowlick you’ve ever seen on the back of my head (more like a permanent part, actually), made more obvious by my new short haircut. After having seen that god-awful TV miniseries Tin Man (based on The Wizard of Oz), I can’t help but think of Alan Cumming’s character Glitch’s “haircut” (yes, that's a zipper).

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