Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Art Walk at the Brewery

The Art Walk at the Brewery was a lot of fun. Although there were over 300 studios that were open to the public, we had to drive almost 10 blocks away to find a place to park, and the halls were teeming with people, it still felt like an intimate affair because many of the lofts also doubled as the artists’ apartments. It was a special privilege to get a peek at not only their artwork but their homes. You got the overwhelming sense that these people are really living with a capital “L,” pursuing their dreams. Inspiring. So many mediums, so many styles, so many levels of talent. I wish I had a little more (read any) disposable income right now; there were so many pieces I wanted to take home with me. I did scrape together enough money for this great necklace by Retimade though. The design is called "Crosstown Traffic," and, no, I can't get the Jimi Hendrix song out of my head now either.

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