Friday, April 18, 2008


Matt and I have been getting in the habit of going for a walk if he gets home early enough from work. It’s one of our favorite things to do. And it’s not just good exercise. I swear, we have some of our best conversations while on our little jaunts, and we get to know our neighborhood and neighbors a little better too.

Yesterday, on the homeward-bound leg of our stroll, we came upon a small group of little kids (the biggest probably no older than five) laughing and chasing each other on one of the walking paths that separate several nearby cul-de-sacs. I smiled and waved to them which must have communicated that I might just be an adult with some childlike play left in her because one little boy, with no shirt or shoes on and his socks getting dirtier by the minute and falling off, and a little girl, with her hair in a complete disarray and her sun dress all twisted, got very excited and ran over to claim us as their new playmates. When they got in front of us, all breathless and convulsing in fits of giggles, they threw their arms straight out to their sides, yelled, “RED LIGHT!” and looked up at us expectantly. Aaah! What fun! Instant memories of second grade recess came flashing back. As hungry as we were (and, so, eager to get back home to make some dinner), we stopped to play with them for a little while and found ourselves giggling just as hard as they were, our ear-to-ear grins lasting the rest of the way home.

Whatever you do this weekend, find some time to play! :)

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