Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cheap Date: Tiny Vaudeville

One of my favorite non-profits, Valencia 826, had a benefit show for their L.A. branch at the Echoplex in Echo Park Monday night and me and the DH went to check it out. They were calling it Tiny Vaudeville and it was basically a very hip, clever, and entertaining variety show consisting of actors, comedians, singers, and a headlining band. They're hoping to make it an ongoing thing, featuring new acts the last Monday of every month. If you're interested in checking it out next month (2/23), you can get tickets here. Or you can be a cheap date, like me, and wait to see if they show up on

What exactly would you be supporting? I'll let the founder of 826, Dave Eggers, tell you himself:

Yes, I still have a mad crush on Eggers. In fact, here are those autographs I mentioned in an earlier post in which I divulge that crush.

But, in all seriousness, I think I found a natural affinity for this organization because I'm an editor of textbooks, a former tutor, and someone with a lot of teachers in my family, and because I grew up in an area plagued with economically challenged families and schools. I just really love what they're doing and how they're doing it.

If you do go to Tiny Vaudeville, there are a couple of decent restaurants with reasonably priced menus in the area and lots of good authentic Mexican food counters and stands. We tried Masa and were pretty pleased. When we get down that way again, we may try Taix or Rodeo Mexican Grill. (All are on Sunset.)

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