Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fitness File: Log Your Run

Well, here I am 2 weeks later and happy to say I'm still giving this fitness thing a fair go of it. Am I making remarkable progress? No. I'm still plodding along at a labored 10-minute/mile-ish pace and I max out at just over the 1 1/2-mile mark. But, you know what? I feel good. I've noticed immediate improvements in my energy level, mood, and food cravings. I'm building stamina; feeling positive and motivated throughout the day; and finding myself genuinely wanting lighter, healthier meals and snacks.

I've also stumbled upon a neat little online application called Log Your Run which allows you not only to do, well, what it obviously suggests but also log other types of exercise activity too, such as walking, cycling, swimming, strength training, and cross-training. It has endless features (e.g., articles, a blog, a calendar, etc.) that make it ideal for someone training seriously for a race or event, but it's also simple enough for someone such as myself who's just interested in keeping track of my progress and routes. I would highly recommend it. If you're put off by the thought of adding yet another site to your list of those that you need to check in with on a regular basis, you'll be happy to hear that you can also sync it up with your Google home page or Facebook.

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