Sunday, July 6, 2008

One to Watch: Sarah Haskins

I think we'd all like to think that we've come a long way since these days:

Most product marketers nowadays don't need to be reminded that women have real buying power, but, unfortunately, there are still a glut of them out there who haven't quite figured out that we're real people too. Thankfully, Sarah Haskins over at's infoMania does a nice job of pointing out these ridiculous stereotypes and insults to our intelligence in her "Target Women" video segments. If you haven't seen one, you're missing out:

And it's not just me; Kate Harding over at Broadsheet has a girl crush on Ms. Haskins too. She's only been in L.A. for under a year, but people have already started to take notice, calling for her to be added to the cast of The Daily Show, and The Bastion and NPR have already cornered her for interviews. In the Bastion interview, she's asked if she's a feminist. Her answer: "Yes, I’m a feminist. . . . To me it means that as women we are individuals before we are gendered people and that we're not defined by our gender except in the ways we chose to appropriate that definition." Very nice. There are too many women out there who think feminism is a dirty word. I think Sarah, a Harvard grad, could easily join the ranks of smart comediennes like Tina Fey, also a product of Chicago's Second City. And that just makes me very very happy. There aren't nearly enough women of this ilk getting air time, if you ask me.

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