Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pet Peeves: "Technology in the Can"

Technology is ubiquitous, an integral part of our modern-day lives, and I, for one, am certainly thankful for that. I love technology! Yay, technology! But - as with most things - there is a time and a place for certain types of technology to be utilized. A time and a place, my friends.

[begin rant] For instance? Cell phone use in bathrooms. Soo wrong. For the same reason you don't defecate in the phone booth, you shouldn't be taking a call in the john. Why is this not common sense for some people? You're not in there that long; you can't wait 5 minutes to call someone back? This micro-multitasking is not impressing anyone. (News flash, if you are in there that long, it would stand to reason you're in no condition to be taking a call . . . and you might want to invest in some of this not this).

As with most things, there are exceptions to the rule. You've locked yourself in the bathroom because someone is trying to kill you. The stall door is jammed, there's no one there to help you, and you can't crawl under or over the door. You've "fallen and can't get up." You've . . . you catch my drift. Otherwise, it's not about whether or not you are comfortable talking to someone on the phone while you pinch a loaf. Your dearth of self-respect means nothing to me. It's about common courtesy to others. [end rant]

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Ezra said...

I couldn't agree more. Forgive me for going into urinal logistics, but I've seen guys trapped at the urinal on the cell phone because they couldn't get off the phone to zip (normally a two-handed operation).

When I find this situation, there is nothing that I love more than flushing at an adjacent urinal. A few weeks ago I did this and I feel like I got bonus points because this resulted in a feeble "actually, yes, I *am* in the bathroom..."