Monday, April 20, 2009

Meatless Monday: Pumpkin-Honey Beer Quick Bread

You know those treats that someone else you know and love makes, that you don't have very often but are willing to beg, borrow, barter, or kill for? This next recipe is for one of those treats.

Pumpkin-Honey Beer Quick Bread

My husband made this recipe for me for the first time just last year and it immediately earned a place on my top-10 dessert list. It's super easy to make, and the flax seed makes it come out really moist. I love to have it with a smear of cream cheese on it while it's still hot. *drool*

Matt also had the great idea of putting a bottle of honey beer with a small bag of flax seed inside a stack of three small disposable bread pans, wrapping a print-out of this recipe on nice paper around it, and tying it together with a pretty ribbon for small gifts last holiday season. That boy - always thinking, always thoughtful. He shared it then, . . . and I'm sharing it with you now. Consider it my early early 2009 holiday present to you!

Got any favorite vegetarian or vegan recipes?? Please share!

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