Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Poetry: Temptation

Here we have poem # 8 for the poetry pledge drive. This could have been a longer poem, and maybe it will be some day, but right now, I'm tired . . . and I've been promised a shoulder rub if I come to bed early.

To make up for the half-assed writing effort, I'm also including the photo from the canoe trip I took that inspired the poem. (Yes, that's me making like Jane of the Jungle.)


We lash the rented canoes
Together, the slender green bodies
Rubbing cozily up against each other, resting
Our arms, just floating, taking turns

Swimming. All along the riverbank, banned
Rope swings pretend not to notice us, but
We see one peeking through parted branches,
Really only half-hidden. The temptation

Is too much not to
Give it a try before it's cut down.

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