Thursday, April 2, 2009

Poetry: In Sickness

Here we are, day two of this poetry pledge drive, and it's already getting difficult, . . . but I do have another one for you, inspired, oddly enough, by my husband's recent cold and my recent stomach virus. I know, how romantic. But, hey, if Donne can wax poetical (although admittedly in jest) about a flea to justify lustful intentions (see here), I think I can justify finding inspiration for a love poem in stuffed sinuses and queasy bellies.

In Sickness

When you are sick, you insist

Only fatigue, only claim

A few commonly shared things

As your own – A cup, your lips,

A tissue box – as a way to insulate

Yourself, protecting me,

Buffering me.

When I am sick, you fuss

Over me – a pall washed

Away with loving gestures, exaggerated

As for a child, accepted

As if a child soaking in

Your kindness, making me


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